New York native Morgan Shara began her career as a buyer following her graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She quickly expanded her
experience into creative consulting and founded her
first company MAS Creative. While running her consulting firm, Morgan became the Jewelry Expert for E! Online News.

In her early 20’s, Morgan lost her mother to cancer. She was compelled to create a magical symbol in memory of her mother. Morgan believed such asymbolic image would represent hope and peace for her and for all others who had lost loved ones, or who suffered from disease or tragedy. Unable to find anything unique that would convey her special meaning, Morgan created Magix the Unicorn as a sacred symbol that protects and spreads positive energy.

Friends and family related to Morgan’s message of hope and began to request their own Magix the Unicorn necklace. Word of Magix and Morgan’s message quickly spread and MAS Bisjoux was born in 2014. Morgan expanded and transformed Magix the Unicorn into a collection of high-end, fine jewelry, highlighting an array of white and fancy color diamonds. 

Morgan resides in New York City with her husband and three children.