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Each Magix the Unicorn is hand made with love in New York City. The Maxi pendant is available 18K gold and 18K gold plated with a genuine diamond eye. The chain comes with 3 set lengths at 14", 16" and 18" so you can wear it at the length you desire.

The solid gold Magix will never fade and there is no need to worry about wearing it on your journeys all around the world. Magix makes a wonderful travel companion. The gold plated silver Magix is a bit more delicate. As much as the unicorn loves to be with you, after time, fading will occur, which is always the situation with gold plating. There is the option to redip the piece for a minimal fee, but things like swimming in pools and oceans, lotions and perfumes and even your own body chemistry can result in the fading occuring faster.

We want all our Magix believers to not just be happy, but as In Love with their unicorns as we are. We are always available to answer questions and give Unicorn advice.

Your Magix will brighten your days and fill you with love. Magix will bring you back to your fondest memories, they will keep your treasured moments with you. They will keep those you love and miss close, even when they may be far, far away...When you are sad, you can touch your Magix and it will bring an understanding powerful energy back to you of hope and strength and acceptance. (it does for us) People will stop and stare and compliment you on your Magix, and in that brief moment, they too will become believers.

It is your job to spread love and good vibes with your Magix; to tell people that the reason you are wearing this sacred symbol is because you believe in hope, and love, and magic, and wanted to wear something that connects us all, despite our differences- our color, beliefs, gender, status, age, and on and on... Magix will remind you to help others, to stop and take in the world around you, to appreciate the small things, because after all, it is the small things that are the big things in life. Don't miss these magic moments. Know you are blessed and Magix is there to keep the magic in your heart. Protect your Magix and it will protect you. Welcome to the tribe.

Thank you . Thank you.

Spread Love. Believe in Magix.




Galaxy Engraving option:

Magix the Unicorn takes on an ethereal feel with the addition of a laser engraved sun, moon and stars beautiful and delicate pattern.

***Please note you must First add your selected Magix to the basket, and then go back to add the GALAXY engraving feature to your basket. The laser engraving costs an additional $100.00 for the maxi Magix.




*Shown in rose gold with white diamond eye

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