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New York native Morgan Shara began her career as a buyer following her graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She quickly expanded her experience into creative consulting and founded her first company MAS Creative, specializing in design, event planning, art curating and representation. As her family grew and friends began commissioning her for her jewelry designs,  her career as a jewelry designer was born. With her expertise in color diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, Morgan became the Jewelry Expert for E! Online News.

At 26 years old, Morgan lost her mother to cancer. She was compelled to create a magical symbol in memory of her mother. Unable to find anything unique that would convey her special meaning, Morgan created Magix the Unicorn as a sacred symbol that protects and spreads positive energy.

Friends and family related to Morgan’s message of hope and began to request their own Magix the Unicorn. Word of Magix and Morgan’s message quickly spread and MAS Bisjoux was created in 2014. Morgan expanded and transformed Magix the Unicorn into a collection of high-end, fine jewelry, highlighting an array of white and fancy color diamonds. In addition to the MAS Bisjoux line, Morgan continues to design custom pieces by appointment in New York City and through her online shop at

Note from Morgan:

I'm often asked what these unicorns mean to me.
Where to start...
Though a bit of it is explained above, I wanted to personally share my story with you. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 26 years old. I’ve always been a spiritual person and before she was even sick, it suddenly hit me one day she was going to get sick. I felt  she had lost some of her sparkle because she was busy taking care of everyone around her, and not herself, despite her being this force of positivity and an incredible mother. The whole experience, watching someone so incredible suffer and have to leave earth at such a young age was shattering but I accepted it and was strong because that was what my mother would want and what she had always shown me. After her passing, I got into jewelry design, taking apart and incorporating some of her jewelry into new, custom designs my sister and I could wear between us. This turned into me creating engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, and more which was convenient considering my husband works in color diamonds. Though all of the jewelry I designed was special and sentimental, I still hadn’t found my symbol, my purpose, until 2014 when I met Karin Hanssen, a sculptor, designer and artist who worked in brass and had amongst all her incredible, avant-garde pieces, this tiny, mystical unicorn. 
It was my “ ah ha” moment. 
I became a believer right away and knew I had to make this little piece of magic my own.
What I thought would turn into a little jewelry collaboration with my friend, became my personal project of spreading hope, love, peace and joy. I named the unicorn ‘Magix’ and in her many forms; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hats (just for now), I feel she is already helping in deliver my message. It does not matter where you come from, what you look like, your religion, preference, history, status.. all that matters to my customers is that we are believers, we are all in this thing called life together -  We are One.
To me, Magix the Unicorn is the new evil eye, but instead of guarding off evil, it is protecting us by spreading out magic. The powerful, positive energy it emits will only allow the same energy to enter.
I truly believe this. 
Without my Magix, I feel incomplete. 
When people meet me and see my unicorn right below my face, it says so much about me before I say a word. It is everything I want to stand for- spiritual,strong, positive, powerful, youthful, unique- magical.... 
I hope you don’t mind I took the time to write this and if you have read this far, thank you. I feel fortunate for everything that I have and that I get to create something and now provide people with something that has truly changed my life and made me a better person. My wish and belief is it will change yours too.
I have 3 children and a husband who are my world. Incredible friends and family I cherish. This follows right after and is my passion project. 
I donate scarves & pieces whenever I get the chance to special souls whose stories touch me. I give away far more than I take in and I do everything as organically as I possibly can. 
Every piece is made in NYC and meticulously looked over by me. I want every Magix to be perfect and I bless each one before they go to their new owner, my new soul sister or brother.🦄💕🙏🏻

This is just the beginning of what I want to do with Magix. Thank you for believing. I can not wait to hear your story and how our journeys have already crossed paths.

Until then,

Love, light and laughter,
Morgan Alyse Shara aka MAS