Care & Repair

Fine Jewelry Care

All of our fine jewelry is carefully hand crafted. We use 18K yellow gold or 20K rose gold to ensure the highest quality. Our gold fine jewelry is tarnish resistant, but your magix still needs a little TLC. To care for your MAS Bisjoux fine jewelry we recommend polishing it with a soft, nor abrasive material or brush and using a gentle cleansing detergent or ammonia solution. After cleaning, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Silver & Gold Plating Care

925 sterling silver is the base metal for all of gold plated pieces. We plate with 18K yellow gold or 18K rose gold. To ensure the longevity of each piece we use a 2-step micron process to minimize tarnishing and fading. Over time, all gold plated pieces will eventually fade. We want your magix to last a long time and advise not exposing it to water, perfumes, lotions, hair products, and sunblocks.

We recommend cleaning your plated jewelry using a slightly damp, soft cloth. Immediately after cleaning, dry thoroughly.