Bahama Mama Magix

Magix The Unicorn in Bahamas 

Over Columbus Day Weekend, Magix the Unicorn traveled to Bakers Bay, an island retreat. Baker’s is a 3 mile long bay on the island of Great Guana Cay. Its clear, aqua oceans, white sand beaches, and rolling green golf courses make it the perfect Unicorn getaway.


Long days on the beach, swimsuit golf swings, and Bahama Rum drinks are the perfect way to unwind.


Undeniably, it’s the golfing communities best kept secret and greatest hideaway. The island is magical, so if you’re not into golf there's plenty of chilling and grilling to do. Beach clubs, small bungalows, and seaside marinas make the perfect gathering spaces. It’s the ideal place to meet interesting people and be creatively inspired.

The perfect atmosphere at Bakers was matched by it’s impressive watersports. Snorkling, fishing, paddle boarding, and sailing are just a few of the many options. (Who doesn’t pretend to be a mermaid when swimming in vibrant coral reefs?)






Baker’s thank you for the best #magixtravels!