Welcome to the World of Magix

Welcome to the Unicorn Cave 


MAS Bisjoux - Unicorn Showroom in NYC 

The theme was rainbows & unicorns ( I know, shocking!)... and the space was sunny , happy and filled with all the things magix, from the SS2018 Magix the Unicorn Collection, to food so colorful and dreamy you had to do a double take to see if it was edible! Thank you Scoozi Caterers for feeding us hungry unicorns gold flaked unicorn food!


Decorative Style: Unicorns, Rainbows, & Magix 

We wanted our guests to feel at home. Shoes were replaced by comfy Unicorn Slippers at the door, gold star balloons filled the sky, our favorite, inspirational books ( many written by our good vibe tribe) graced the shelves. ( Hi, Latham Thomas- Mama Glow!)


Follow the Rainbow & Unicorn

Instead of buying art for the space- we created our own vision of unicorn perfection with the help of Muralist ( and rainbow extraordinaire) Sam Simon. Despite his color expertise, we were shocked to discover he had no idea who ROY G. BIV was.... that all changed after meeting the Queens of Unicorns! Our guests loved posing in front of our massive Rainbow, cloud sky mural, and hand cut template unicorn wall paper. Here we are, the main hosts of the day. My main mane, Mia Tonelli, Me, AKA MAS, and our Events coordinator Carolyn Leslie Heft Levinbook. ( she loves a long name)  


Women Supporting Women - Unicorn Empowerment 

The most important part of any party, of course, is the people and we could not have been more happy with our unicorn turnout. Sari Sloane of Every After and the West Side, Natasha Caronna of Brunello Cuccinelli, Pam Posner of Revo, Nancy Dean from Hey Mama (favorite mom blog!) Nicole Oge, woman of the world, and a slew of incredible editors, stylists, and tastemakers were there to make the day magical. Not to mention- a giant thank you to our amazing PR team, Pushing Six. Gabi, you are such a joy to play make believe with! xo 


Until next time, or until the next MAS space party - Stay Magical Unicorns! Read More about our New Unicorn Collection..